Sunday bus service in Fort Collins doubles ridership expectations – Colorado News

Sunday bus service in Fort Collins doubles ridership expectations – Colorado News

Transit might finally be on a roll in Fort Collins.

Amid all the excitement around Colorado State University’s new on-campus stadium, Transfort, the city-owned transit system, came out looking like a star on opening day.

It had a combined 15,242 boardings on MAX, the popular bus rapid-transit system that runs between downtown and Harmony Road, and shuttle buses that carried riders to and from campus and the stadium.

On that day, Aug. 26, the entire Transfort system had about 21,000 boardings. That’s not bad, considering the average number of boardings on Saturdays when school is in session is around 7,000.

The next day, Aug. 27, didn’t have those kind of numbers, but it was almost as momentous. It marked the quiet start of 365-day Transfort service.

The first day of Sunday service had 2,000 boardings, with most of the riders taking MAX. Ridership on Sept. 3, the second round of Sunday service, came in at 1,894 boardings.

Again, not bad, especially since Transfort officials had estimated the system would see about 1,000 boardings on Sundays.

Sunday ridership is expected to grow during the next couple of years before stabilizing, stated Kurt Ravenschlag, general manager of Transfort, in an email to the Coloradoan.

“Even though we are already exceeding projections, I would expect to see continued ridership growth over the next two years as the community learns how transit can now become part of their Sunday travel,” he said.

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