Thank you, Mr. Clark | Opinion – California News

Thank you, Mr. Clark | Opinion – California News

Mr. Al Clark, thank you for clarifying what most Carpinterians have been saying about the proposed inn at the railroad tracks (“Railroad inn railroaded in?” CVN, Sept. 7). We don’t want it; it is not what Carpinteria needs, and we have no interest in becoming like the rest of the Southern California beach towns, i.e. an expensive, unattractive, unfriendly, commercial tourist town full of hotels. It feels like the beginning of the end of our small town that we all love because of its small town charm, character and identity.

In addition to pointing out the majority view on the railroaded inn, Councilmember Clark’s proposed an alternative for generating revenue that I like. He stated that “the proposed revenues (from the hotel) come at too high a price.” He stated that a 1-cent sales tax would raise “many times more money than the hotel and would be partially paid by tourists.” What a great solution!

That 1-cent sales tax is a very small price to pay for keeping Carpinteria, Carpinteria, our small beach town, with caring and friendly people. Let’s continue to be involved in the decision-making process, make our voices heard and hopefully the planning process and our representatives will recognize the majority perspective.

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