The Doobie Brothers Talk Regulations – California News

The Doobie Brothers Talk Regulations – California News

Paul Wellman

County Supervisors Steve Lavagnino (left) and Das Williams

Supervisors Williams, Lavagnino and County Move Closer to Finalizing Commercial Cannabis Rules

The Doobie Brothers continue to work on what could be their biggest hit yet.

County officials released this week the preliminary outline of how Santa Barbara could regulate the flourishing commercial marijuana industry. Seventeen separate permits in six categories will be required of operators who work with the product ​— ​cultivators, transporters, retailers, distributors, testers, extractors. In other words, the county is determining who is able to do what, and more importantly, where they can do it.

Led by supervisors Steve Lavagnino and Das Williams, about 20 county staff members have worked for six months, mainly behind closed doors, to draft the preliminary rules. Next week, the Board of Supervisors will review their work.

In the last year, Lavagnino and Williams have become unlikely allies on the issue. Lavagnino is a pro-business, classic conservative who represents the Santa Maria Valley. Williams is a strong liberal progressive who spent the last six years immersed in Sacramento politics. “I get along with Steve because he is operating in the real world,” Williams said.

Although marijuana is considered a Schedule 1 drug under federal law, its sale is…

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