The Tightwads Almanac – The Mena Star: News – Arkansas News

The Tightwads Almanac – The Mena Star: News – Arkansas News

This month, stores are clearing out camping and outdoor supplies to make room for winter gear. This is good news if you would like to take advantage of September’s cooler weather to go camping. Here are some tips to make your outdoor fun more enjoyable.


Growling at mosquitos in your tent all night will make you dog tired all day. Here’s an old camping trick for outwitting them: Pitch your tent with the door facing into the wind. If there is a breeze, the mosquitoes will be hanging out behind the downwind side of the tent, rather than near the door waiting for the chance to follow you in.

Keep a spray bottle of mosquito repellant handy and spray the area near the door before you enter the tent. Consumer Reports consistently rates the Repel brand of Lemon Eucalyptus (DEET-free) with high marks. If you prefer to use a homemade spray made with all-natural ingredients,…

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