Together Pangea’s Danny Bengston on Badillac, Rehab, and Growing Up – Arizona News

Together Pangea’s Danny Bengston on Badillac, Rehab, and Growing Up – Arizona News

Sophistication and silliness are present in equal measure on Badillac, the third album by Together Pangea. It’s the garage band’s only album for Universal Music Group’s label imprint Harvest Records. On the standout track “Sick Shit,” you can hear tight melodic arrangements underneath lead singer and guitarist William Keegan’s screaming, “My dick is soft!”

The above description really doesn’t do the song justice. The track might mark the moment when the quartet, including bassist Danny Bengston, Erik Jimenez on drums, and guitarist Roland Cosio, actually started to take their craft seriously.

That’s partly why it’s worth investing in a physical copy of the 2014 masterpiece. Just be sure to bring some cash with you to the band’s show at Rebel Lounge on Sunday, September 17, because Badillac is out of print. If there are any left in the band’s inventory by the time they arrive in Phoenix, you’ll want to pick up a copy.

Sure, you could easily listen to the record on a streaming service, but the little sonic details get lost even on the best audio equipment. You could wait and see if the compact disc and vinyl version of the album go back into circulation, but according to Bengston, there are no plans for their former label to reprint Badillac anytime soon.

Together Pangea doesn’t own the album, Bengston says. Universal Music Group does. Which means whenever the band go on tour, they have to push for the label to re-release it so they can sell the record at the merch table.

Though working with a major label afforded the foursome the opportunity to pay their bills and get a new tour van, Bengston thinks not owning the rights to an album that still sells well is…

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