Xanta Maria Angelus Brondstetter | Obituaries – California News

Xanta Maria Angelus Brondstetter | Obituaries – California News

Nov. 26, 1923 – July 23, 2017

Xanta burst into this life as the middle child of her mother’s six children, five of them brothers, in Alma, Mich., on Nov. 26, in 1923. Her father, William Angelus, was the owner and cook at a coffee shop in town where he served the best, and the hottest (!), chili around. He emigrated from Greece and moved to Michigan where he met and married red-haired, blue-eyed, beautiful Flossy Kean. Never the “girl next door” type, Xanta established early on that she would be living her life on her own terms. Outnumbered on the gender scale, Xanta managed to hold her own in a family of men who held strong opinions, loudly expressed. When she decided to join the school band and was told that playing the drums was unladylike, well, Xanta played the drums in the band. When her father told her he would only pay for the boys to go to college because women weren’t smart enough and belonged in the home, well, Xanta found her way into secretarial school to learn business skills and became a crackerjack secretary and office manager. She enjoyed working with small family businesses as well as high-end corporations, such as the H.K. Porter Company Inc., in Pittsburg, Pa. She was rightfully proud of her excellent resume and enthusiastic references throughout her working career.

All work and no play make most of us a pain in the neck. Well, Xanta would have none of that. Music and dancing were all the rage in her heyday. The Big Band sound was big and bold and infectious, and Xanta caught the fever along with…

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