A PINCH OF SALT: That Helpless Feeling | Opinion – California News

A PINCH OF SALT: That Helpless Feeling | Opinion – California News

I’ve felt helpless before, but I don’t remember ever feeling quite this helpless.

I suspect that Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have a lot of people feeling that way. Talk about the forces of nature reminding humankind just how small we really are in the scheme of things.

And, I hasten to add, I haven’t lost anything, much less the homes so many Houston-ites are without, or the basic services lost to the Caribbean islands and Key West. I don’t pretend to know what that’s like. 

Still, as Irma began bearing down on Florida, I was more nervous than I can remember in past hurricanes.

That’s because Maria’s sister moved to Florida when she and her husband retired from the Navy. They are in Trinity, a little town between Tampa and Orlando.

And Maria is down there visiting.

When Irma started her approach, there wasn’t much concern. Trinity is a lot closer to the Gulf Coast than the eastern seaboard, and all the experts said it would be traveling up the coast, with Miami as the center point.

But then, after devastating the Caribbean, Irma turned west. She still managed to pound the Florida Keys, but now it was the Gulf Coast in danger.

And Tampa was the new target.

 Trinity is an hour or so from Tampa, so there was no concern about storm surge there. But remember, we’d just watched what rain and wind can do with Hurricane Harvey. Some maps showed Trinity in the center of the cone — weather speak for a hurricane’s path.

All I could do was watch the news and go to different weather and news sites on the internet. I was very impressed…

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