Andrew W.K. Brings Party Music to Summit Music Hall – Colorado News

Andrew W.K. Brings Party Music to Summit Music Hall – Colorado News

It was sixteen years ago that Andrew W.K. released his I Get Wet debut album and suddenly found that he was popular on a global stage. To this day, it remains an oddity. The album only reached number 84 on the Billboard 200 in this country, and a slightly better 71 on the U.K. album charts (number 32 in Finland, mind you), but audiences around the world seemed to instantly warm to Andrew WK.

Two years later, with the release of The Wolf, the party looked like it might be over. That record, and all subsequent records, haven’t gone over nearly as well as the cult-hit debut. And that’s no surprise. I Get Wet is glorious nonsense. WK takes the basic, bro-like theme of partying and essentially makes a concept record about it. Which sounds like it could be a nightmare (and to many, it is). But the songwriting is deceptively clever. The piano-driven verses crescendoing into epic choruses are extremely well crafted. That first album was packed with great tunes, and The Wolf wasn’t.

But in the live environment, W.K. has managed not only to keep his crowd but to rope in new fans, as well. Appearances at events like Riot Fest haven’t hurt. The man can play in between two contemporary favorites and hold his own. Nowadays, he admits he doesn’t enjoy playing new songs for audiences that just want to “Party Hard.” That’s why he hasn’t released an official studio album of new material since 2009.

“In 2006, we released an album just in Japan — a traditional rock album — and that didn’t get released in the U.S., I think, until 2009,” he says. “I guess it depends how you look at it. There will be a new album coming out in the early weeks of next year. We’re…

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