Anti-abortion protest stirs up Fort Collins pro-choice panel – Colorado News

Anti-abortion protest stirs up Fort Collins pro-choice panel – Colorado News

Leanna Valadez, owner and operator of the R Bar and Lounge in Old Town Fort Collins, found herself in a peculiar position Friday night: a cadre of anti-abortion protestors out front had some regular patrons of the progressive and LGBTQ-friendly bar in a tizzy.

Some passers-by thought the bar had done an about-face on its politics, Valadez said. That sent her and a supporter in a search of counter-signage that reaffirmed the ownership’s support of Planned Parenthood and the right for abortion access.

Four protestors from the Denver area, organized by Students for Life of America, held signs on the sidewalk declaring themselves pro-life and their opposition to Planned Parenthood. A handful more were inside for a panel discussion hosted by state Rep. Joann Ginal, D-Fort Collins and featuring advocates for abortion access, including a representative from Planned Parenthood’s advocacy arm.

Valadez said she didn’t put up her own political signs to antagonize the anti-abortion individuals; she just wanted to make sure her business’ had its views front-and-center.

“I didn’t want them to represent the R Bar at all,” Valadez said.

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Valadez said the anti-abortion advocates were respectful and she acknowledged that hosting a panel on abortion rights would draw differing views. 

Bethany Janzen, Rocky Mountain Regional Coordinator for…

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