Editorial: More to be heard about silencers | The Daily Courier – Arizona News

Editorial: More to be heard about silencers | The Daily Courier – Arizona News

Photo by Associated Press.

In this photo taken Jan. 27, 2017, Knox Williams, president and executive director of the Georgia-based American Suppressor Association, poses for a portrait while holding a handgun with a silencer.

We’d like to thank the Courier readers who reached out to us to point out additional information that could have been included in our Sept. 14 editorial about the Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act.

The bill includes 18 proposals to ease restrictions on hunting on federal lands, increase access to shooting ranges and make it easier to transport guns and bows across state lines, among other measures.

We addressed two provisions in the bill that would allow the use of silencers while hunting, and armor-piercing bullets.

We failed to include an important point that might have added balance to what was presented — the benefits of suppressing sound to protect hearing.

It was also brought to our attention that the term “silencer” can be misleading. Many gun enthusiasts prefer the term “suppressor” or “muffler.” These words are often used interchangeably and refer to the exact same thing. To be clear, no gun silencer is truly silent.

In addition, supporters say that suppressors can help to not disturb other people enjoying federal lands.

We also heard from several readers about the provision addressing armor-piercing bullets. Supporters argue that this part of the bill is needed to rein in what some see as the limitless power of the Attorney General to bar ammunition…

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