Eyeglass Factory offers students free glasses for Christmas | News – California News

Eyeglass Factory offers students free glasses for Christmas | News – California News

For over 20 years, on the Sunday before Christmas, the Eyeglass Factory on Milpas Street in Santa Barbara has held a free Kids Day for children 18-years and younger who need eyeglasses. Recently, the Eyeglass Factory owners, Rick and Zsa Zsa Feldman, were talking about their donation program over dinner at Uncle Chen Restaurant on Casitas Pass Road. When Uncle Chen owner Roy Lee overheard them, he wondered if kids in Carpinteria might also be able to participate, so when the dinner rush was over Lee sat down with the Feldmans to ask about the program.

He was pleased to learn that the Feldmans would be happy to include kids from Carpinteria in their annual eyeglass donation and less than a week later, Lee and the Feldmans, along with Carpinteria Vice-Mayor Wade Nomura, Carpinteria Unified School District Supervisor Diana Rigby and CUSD Director of Special Education Kristen Escobedo all met at Uncle Chen to discuss the details of getting free eyeglasses to the kids who need them in Carpinteria.

Starting this year, students who need vision care can go to the Eyeglass Factory on Dec. 17 for a free eye exam from an on-site optometrist. They will then have their pick of any glasses the Eyeglass Factory offers. “We give out the top-shelf glasses,” Feldman explained, “so the kids feel good about how they look.” Meeting families more than halfway, Feldman also said, “You’ll undoubtedly lose or break (a pair of glasses). You can come back and get another pair.”

Participating families can anticipate a big turnout at the…

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