From Peru to Portola: The Kambo experience – California News

From Peru to Portola: The Kambo experience – California News

Smith and the Kambo frog regard each other serenely from the depths of the Amazonian jungle.

Rhonda Smith is a Portola native, born and raised through graduation at Portola High School, as a second-generation Plumas County native.

After leaving the area for about 20 years to follow a career path that led through corporations such as JP Morgan and Bank of America in Las Vegas; Orlando, Florida; Chicago, Illinois; and Boston, Massachusetts, Smith began to experience, as she put it, “some upheaval in her life” in 2006 when she returned to the Bay Area.

“This upheaval in my life led me on the path to face myself and to find healing in my life. This was my path to become my own healer. I was suffering with incredible anxiety, severe addiction and depression,” Smith went on.

“I ended up ultimately finding immense healing through the use of plant medicine and Kambo Treatment. The healing was so profound that I knew I wanted to support others in finding healing in their own life, so I become a practitioner of Kambo.”

What is Kambo?

But what exactly is Kambo, many may wonder.

Smith summed it up in a few choice words, saying, “Kambo is health and life.” Kambo is a Peruvian treatment that comes from the skin secretions of the Phyllomedusa bicolor (giant leaf or monkey frog) native to the Amazonian basin.

“In the Amazon, Kambo is a staple in the medicine cabinet, very commonly used for a wide variety of health complaints such as the common cold, allergies and detoxification — not only spiritually but also physically, mentally and emotionally. The belief in this indigenous culture is that to heal, one must get toxins out of the body,” Smith articulated.


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