Get your hacks in at Stanford | Local Sports News – California News

Get your hacks in at Stanford | Local Sports News – California News

Before the full-blown effect of the sweltering summer heat hit the coast last weekend, Little Leaguers grabbed their bats and donned their hats as they squared off against their friends in the first games of Half Moon Bay Little League’s fall ball season.

While the sandlot is a great place for sluggers to hone their skills, Stanford baseball recently reached out to Half Moon Bay Little League with another option for taking the game to the next level.

“We are holding night clinics at Sunken Diamond throughout the week, which are being run by members of the Stanford baseball coaching staff, along with members from our current Stanford baseball team,” said Jack Marder, assistant coach and camp coordinator at Stanford. “This will be a great opportunity for young players to be taught the proper techniques by players they can look up to and by the coaches from their favorite local team.”

“The nightly clinics are strictly for development,” he continued. “Instead of going to a hitting coach, where it costs $100 a lesson, they are working directly with our staff and our players, and they get to do it in one of the nicest facilities around.”

Clinics include the Sunday Night “Extra Hacks Camp,” the Tuesday Night “Future Cardinal Academy” as well as the Wednesday Night “Backstop Academy.”

While the Future Cardinal Academy is a comprehensive youth clinic, the Backstop Academy is a catchers’ clinic. The Extra Hacks Camp is exactly what it seems. It’s a hitting clinic.

“The goal is to develop a…

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