Heard Around the West: When wildlife rules – Colorado News

Heard Around the West: When wildlife rules – Colorado News


Recreationists in inner tubes were happily floating the Missouri River when a mischievous sharp-toothed otter came barreling toward them through the water.

“The animal punctured the tube and then bit the swimmer in the water,” the Missoulian reported. Though the wound was minor, signs telling recreationists of “an aggressive otter” were posted in the area. The ornery animal might be a repeat offender; last summer a group of tubers also was targeted by an otter with big teeth.


A man walked outside his Marietta, Texas, home at 3 a.m., saw an armadillo, took out his .38 revolver and shot at it three times.

Not smart: “The animal’s hard shell deflected at least one of the bullets, which then struck the man’s jaw,” CBC News reported.

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The unidentified man was airlifted to a hospital, where his jaw was wired shut. As for the well-armored armadillo, it could not be found and probably never noticed the commotion. Talk about successfully standing your ground.


Stubbs the cat, lifetime mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, has died at age 20, CNN reported. Running successfully as a write-in in 1997, because no humans in the town of 800 wanted the job, Stubbs was usually found asleep at Nagley’s Store. “He was a trouper until the very last day of his life,” said his owner. A kitten named Denali, after the mountain, is rumored to be next in line for the job.


Thanks largely to their jaunty appearance — they wear tiny backpacks and are buff in a birdy way — 10 homing pigeons still have jobs in Fort Collins flying digital photos of rafters ripping through rapids back to the home office. Ryan…

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