LA law enforcement throws support behind ‘sanctuary state’ bill – California News

LA law enforcement throws support behind ‘sanctuary state’ bill – California News

With Gov. Jerry Brown expected to sign Senate Bill 54 to make California a so-called sanctuary state, local law enforcement officials on Saturday expressed support and cautious optimism for the measure that would provide protections for illegal immigrants.

“SB 54 recognizes what has worked in Los Angeles for nearly four decades,” Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said. “We have reduced crime by building strong partnerships with our communities, regardless of civil immigration status.

“We are committed to reducing crime through community partnerships and constitutional policing and SB 54 enables us to continue abiding by these effective principles,” Beck said.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Jim McDonnell said the revised bill will preserve his department’s ability to maintain partnerships with federal law enforcement in the fight against gangs, drugs and human trafficking.

“I strongly opposed SB 54 as initially introduced, because I viewed it as a threat to public safety,” McDonnell said Saturday. “… SB 54, as passed by the Legislature, is a very different bill today.

“Thanks to the leadership of Governor Brown and his staff and members of the state Senate and Assembly, we can move beyond the bill’s early false premise that local enforcement was going to act as immigration agents. This is fundamentally not true.”

The bill, known as the California Values Act, provides protections for immigrants who are in the country illegally, but also was altered recently at the request of Brown to give local law enforcement more freedom to work with federal immigration officials and to hold individuals for…

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