Lymphoma and Your Subtype: What You Need to Know | Health & Wellness – California News

Lymphoma and Your Subtype: What You Need to Know | Health & Wellness – California News

(BPT) – Have you been recently been diagnosed with lymphoma? Finding out you have lymphoma means you have a certain form of blood cancer. But what form of blood cancer specifically? Learning your lymphoma subtype plays a key role in the treatment your physician will recommend for you and how the cancer is managed.1

In a 2016 global patient survey conducted by the Lymphoma Coalition that polled over 4,000 lymphoma patients around the world, over 25 percent of respondents indicated that they were unaware of their lymphoma subtype.2 And, for those who do know, only 57 percent felt they understood what their subtype actually means.2 This led to the Lymphoma Coalition launching the “Know Your Subtype” campaign, which advocates for better communication between physicians and patients and raises awareness of the lack of knowledge patients have on this essential subject. The campaign also addresses the need for more accurate tracking and reporting of lymphoma subtypes in the healthcare system.

Due to recent advances in scientific knowledge, healthcare providers recognize that lymphoma is not a cancer itself, but rather a collection of related cancers.1 Some common subtypes include:

* Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL)

* Follicular lymphoma (FL)

* Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL)

* Peripheral T-cell lymphoma (PTCL)

* Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL)

“Sometimes, patients are told that they have been diagnosed with lymphoma,” said Laurie H. Sehn, M.D., MPH, Chair, Lymphoma Tumour Group, BC Cancer Agency Centre for Lymphoid Cancer and Chair,…

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