Marijuana community advisory group enters recommendation phase – California News

Marijuana community advisory group enters recommendation phase – California News

Nevada County’s marijuana community advisory group tried to find consensus on several aspects of cannabis cultivation on Tuesday, Sept. 12, digging into a discussion that’s expected to continue at their final meeting next month.

Members of the citizen’s panel — developing recommendations for the county’s permanent cultivation ordinance — delved into whether the board of supervisors should forbid residential grows, maintain setbacks for grow sites and designate certain spots where someone could have a 5,000-square-foot grow.

The advisory group now is scheduled to meet Oct. 10 for the eighth and final time, when they’ll continue creating recommendations. It’s possible the advisory board could add meetings beyond their eighth, though that would require supervisor approval.

Once the recommendations are written and handed to the county, staff will craft a draft ordinance.

“We are making progress toward common ground,” said Daniel Iacofano, CEO of MIG, Inc. — the county’s cannabis consultant.

Tuesday was the first time the advisory group focused entirely on working toward a consensus on aspects of cannabis cultivation, including grow locations and commercial activity, both of which remain topics of concern for the 16-member panel.

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