Mendocino College president’s 5-percent raise approved – California News

Mendocino College president’s 5-percent raise approved – California News

The Mendocino College board of trustees last week approved a 5-percent raise for President Arturo Reyes, which brings his current salary to $239,400 plus $61,215 in benefits.

The raise was included in a contract agreement made last year and follows notable growth in the coast center and other areas, according to the college. The board also voted last week to extend Reyes’ contract one more year, now ending in 2021.

Data provided by the college shows Reyes’ salary has been near the average salary for single-district college presidents in the state the past three years, based on a survey by the Association of California Community College Administrators.

The average salary listed for that position in 2016 was $234,600, while Reyes earned $228,000. The maximum salary was $357,949 in 2016.

The projected average for the 2017-18 academic year is $2,600 more than Reyes’ adjusted amount at $242,000, the college reported.

“In the last year, Mendocino College has grown exponentially with the Center on the Coast, inclusion of the Coastal territory, added staff at the Coast Center and others, as well as being recipients of multiple grants, which led to new programs,” said Jessica Silva, a college representative.

The college recently added a position directly under Reyes, the vice president of Student Services, held by Ulises Velasco. That position, with a salary of $146,482, was also said to be created due to increased demand from the new programs.

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