Ron Cherry: Dream-come-true ’68 Camaro – California News

Ron Cherry: Dream-come-true ’68 Camaro – California News

Back in 1980, Michael Roberts purchased a ’68 Camaro SS/RS convertible.

It had a 350 cubic inch engine and auto trans. He loved the car. It was a dream car to him, almost perfect.

“I always wished it had a 396 (cubic inch engine) and a stick (4-speed trans),” Michael said.

He owned the car until 1989.

“I had to sell it,” he recalled. “My wife and I needed help on the down payment on our first house. My father-in-law said in his Texas drawl, ‘I’ll help, but you’ve got to sell that car.’ I had to set my priorities.

“I figured, I can always get another car, but I won’t have another opportunity to buy this house.”

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So the car went and the house came. But the car was never forgotten, a dream for the future.

In 2016, Michael received an inheritance, some money that was not needed for everyday life.

His mind turned to a ’68 Camaro SS convertible.

He searched the Internet for one that filled the bill, or the dream. He found one on eBay.

It was a ’68 Camaro SS396/RS convertible with about every option available that year.

“I didn’t even know you could buy cars on eBay then,” he said. “I bid on it and was the high bidder, but It didn’t meet the reserve.”

So he contacted the seller, a restorer in Tennessee.

“They seemed reputable,” he said. “But when they told me what they wanted, I said, ‘You’re too Barrett-Jackson for me.'”

The Barrett-Jackson Auction Company is known for selling high-end cars at high-end prices. But the seller was willing to negotiate.

“I couldn’t go to see the car, but they sent me pictures from every angle and a video of the car,” Michael said. “We made a deal and they shipped it to me in…

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