Sal DiCiccio loses vote on Phoenix police petition but claims victory – Arizona News

Sal DiCiccio loses vote on Phoenix police petition but claims victory – Arizona News


A protest against police conduct at the Aug. 22 Trump rally upended a Phoenix City Council meeting on Aug. 30, 2017. Carly Henry/

On Tuesday, a citizen petition seeking to create a civilian oversight board for Phoenix police failed by a City Council vote of 8-1.

Though council members had signaled the petition was doomed, police supporters and protesters weighed in on the matter into the late evening hours. 

After the meeting adjourned, Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio circulated a news release, tweet and Facebook post: “BREAKING: DiCiccio Puts Stop to Panel Investigating Police”.

But DiCiccio was the lone holdout in the vote that dismissed the citizen petition. The motion to do that was made by City Councilwoman Debra Stark. A substitute motion from DiCiccio actually failed, 6-3. 

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At the meeting, DiCiccio had explained that he thought the council’s action should go further.

“I’m going to make a secondary motion that we end the process for the civilian review board today,” he said. “That’s my motion.”


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The motion would not — and could not — prevent more citizen petitions on the matter. It would have, however, called off a study underway via Phoenix City Manager Ed Zuercher’s staff.Stark’s motion doesn’t go that far.

Despite clashing with Phoenix police on pension pay, DiCiccio recently has made support of Phoenix officers a key platform.

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In the days before the vote,…

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