Stories of the Old West – California News

Stories of the Old West – California News

Celebrated New York Times bestselling historical western author and local Grass Valley resident Chris Enss is scheduled to make an appearance at the Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad Museum from noon to 2 p.m. Sunday.

Enss is set to launch her two newest books: “The Trials of Annie Oakley,” which she co-authored with Howard Kazanjian, and “The Pinks: The First Women Detectives, Operatives and Spies With the Pinkerton National Detective Agency.”

She will share selected stories from each of the two books.

Enss has a passion for researching and telling the fascinating stories of the Old West, and in particular, the stories of women in the Old West who played important but often unsung roles during that time.

In “The Pinks” she has collected and shares the stories of the women who were among the first Pinkerton detectives, operatives and spies serving their country and helping to tame the West.

“The Trials of Annie Oakley” is a fresh examination of Annie Oakley’s life, beyond what has become familiar through the movies.

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In addition to being a proficient author, Enss is a comedienne and writer for the television and film industries, as well as a very entertaining speaker.

She was recently presented with the Branding Iron Award at the 2017 Western Writers of America convention, a special honor for providing exceptional support to the organization.

Enss’ book, “Entertaining Women: Actresses, Singers and Dancers in the Old West,” was named a 2017 Spur Award finalist.

Her books have been honored with a Will Rogers Medallion Award and the Elmer Kelton Book Award.

She was also selected by True West…

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