Surfer stumbles toward enlightenment | Books – California News

Surfer stumbles toward enlightenment | Books – California News

Author Jaimal Yogis knows a thing or two about wandering the world while nursing a broken heart.

In his latest book, “All Our Waves Are Water,” he drops us in just as his girlfriend has dumped him, right before the two were about to take a trip to India.

“I’d been dating this women on and off in college, and it was mostly on and off because I had a little commitment phobia,” Yogis reflects. “I finally come around to wanting to be in the relationship.

“We planned this trip to India and she leaves me for this other guy, right before the trip,” he continued. “I’m devastated, and in the first few chapters I’m wandering all over India, totally heartbroken.”

Yogis finds himself in a monastery in Dharamsala where he meets a displaced Tibetan named Sonam.

“I realized through meeting Sonam, who is heartbroken too, that I never understood how to grieve and how to feel emotion,” said Yogis. “He is heartbroken too because he lost his family.

“There’s this one place in the book where we are hiking in the hills, he’s looking at the snow and he’s like, ‘This India snow makes me think of my family,’” he continued. “He starts to cry. I’m like, I’m so sorry I can’t find your family. He says, ‘This very sad, no problem.’”

The grammatically incorrect phrase, spoken in broken English, triggered a profound realization for Yogis.

“I realized that it’s not the sadness that is so bad when you’re feeling it, it’s resisting the sadness,” he stated. “This monk teaches me how to…

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