The 10 Worst People at Concerts, From Selfie-Takers to Vaping Enthusiasts – California News

The 10 Worst People at Concerts, From Selfie-Takers to Vaping Enthusiasts – California News

Friday, September 15, 2017 at 4:45 a.m.

You’re taking another group seflie? Seriously?


Concerts are awesome. There are few pleasures in life greater than that moment when you and your fellow fans erupt in a cheer of recognition as one of your favorite bands launches into one of your favorite songs. You feel good to be alive at such moments, and instantly connected to a roomful of strangers in a way that can be profound, even life-changing.

But at other times, some of those strangers can be a serious buzz kill. Whether they’re outright rude or just oblivious to their surroundings, they encroach on your space and take you out of the moment with a mixture of cluelessness and entitlement that can throw off your whole night.

Here are the 10 worst types of concertgoers, listed roughly in order from mildly annoying to downright infuriating. Avoid them if you can — and whatever you do, for god’s sake make sure you’re not actually being one of them. By practicing basic concert etiquette, together we can all make one another’s live music experiences that much more enjoyable.

10. The tall dude who shows up right as the band starts playing.
You’ve staked out a prime vantage point and guarded it with sharp elbows and a wide stance through the entire opening act and changeover. Now here comes the headliner you’ve waited months to see — and five seconds into their first song, a shaved Sasquatch appears out of nowhere and posts up directly in front of you. Not cool, Stretch, not cool.

9. Anyone who yells “Free Bird.”
You know that shit stopped being funny since before Allen Collins died, right? And…

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