UConn President Says GOP Budget Would ‘Decimate’ University – Connecticut News

UConn President Says GOP Budget Would ‘Decimate’ University – Connecticut News

UConn President Susan Herbst said Saturday that a budget approved Friday night by the General Assembly would decimate the university for years to come.

Herbst called the cuts contained in the budget “unprecedented,” saying they would reduce funding for the university by more than $300 million over the next two years.

“These kinds of cuts will hurt the students, faculty, staff alumni experience and the state citizenry for the long term because they are the kind of cuts to our operating budget that a university can’t recover from very easily,” Herbst said in an interview Saturday morning. “These kinds of cuts would sink us for decades. That’s how serious it is.”

While Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has pledged to veto the budget, citing the cuts to higher education, Herbst said this does not completely assuage her concerns.

“It’s not done ‘til it’s done” she said. “I know that the governor and many others will fight for the university. The veto is the first step and then, I assume, there’s negotiations to come.”

Mark Ojakian, the president of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system said the approved budget “would place dramatic cuts on our system, and would phase out the Roberta Willis Scholarship and the access it provides to higher education for thousands of students across our system and this state. This will pass on higher costs for our students while simultaneously cutting programs and access to financial aid. To remain competitive our state must be making these critical investments in higher education.”

Maribel LaLuz, spokeswoman for the CSCU system, which includes the state’s four…

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