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Letters – Whittier Daily News – California News

Our Question of the Week asked, Is it time to parole Leslie Van Houten?

Being a model prisoner isn’t enough to earn parole

I don’t understand why some people believe Leslie Van Houten should be rewarded for doing what she was supposed to do in prison: following the rules.

She earned college degrees while the good woman she helped murder was rotting in the ground. Her apologists claim she is being judged “harshly” because of her association with Charles Manson. Maybe.

But how about the fact that she held Rosemary LaBianca down while others stabbed her, then Van Houten herself stabbed the poor woman repeatedly with a butcher knife. What a violent, heinous, inhumane act. Not only to the victim herself but also to her children, grandchildren, etc.

Now I am supposed to feel sorry for her because she has been in prison so long? Not long enough! Leslie Van Houten took another person’s life in the most brutal and sadistic fashion, and she should have given her own life for that particular crime. Unfortunately, the death penalty is off the table, so she can pay the next highest price: being locked up like the monster she is for the rest of her life.

— Kenneth Pinckney,

How does Brown know
if she’s still a threat?

Both governors and the president have too much power when they can condemn or release criminals at their personal whim. How can Gov. Jerry Brown have the insight to know that Leslie Van Houten would be a menace to society? Yet he is the decision maker. He is more likely to vote as he pleases than listen to how the citizenry feels about her.

I believe Van Houten has paid the price with her life for her evil deed and should now serve society with the…

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